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Tantric Sexersize for December
By Debora Myers
In my part of the world it is cold now. Our winter is upon us. We've all been tested and re-tested and hopefully we've learned how to look at life a little differently. We've learned to tolerate the little things that used to get to us. We've learned to count our blessings and pray and send love, make love and send energy to those that are in need.

Winter is a time to reflect, to look within. Let's take this time to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and sort out all that we have absorbed during the "fruitful" months and make some sense out of it all, digest and make it part of us in a positive and life affirming way.

Take some time to cuddle by the fire, snuggle in your comforter and gather your comfort items and growth tools around you. Whether those consist of a bible or tarot-cards or simply paper and pencil to write out your feelings…take this time to set your new goals for yourself. Pull your loved ones close to you. Reassure them. Say your prayers and affirmations and make your visualizations now for your personal growth-your souls evolution. Make clear in your mind what you want to change about your life and yourself.

Use what you have learned about yourself and start preparing for the season of rebirth in the spring.

Then set your new goals into motion, as the winter thaws you can bloom with your new ideas, evolve along with the cycles of the earth, for we are all a part of her and creation.

Tantric Sexersize for December-
Attracting More Love!

We all know by now that we attract to us what we are projecting. If we project lack and fear into the universe we will only receive the same. If we project love and fullness, then we will receive the same. Here is an easy exercise for you to love yourself and your connection with the universe. If you are coming from a higher place, a place of universal love, you can and will eventually attract love back to you.

This Sexercise can be shared with a partner, or not!

On a cool or cold evening or morning, light a fire in your wood stove or fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace, light candles to add a warm glow. Gather your pillows, blankets and feather bed and create a love nest in the vicinity of your fire.
After a bath, dress yourself in something soft and sexy. Make yourself feel like a goddess. Have flowering plants or greenery arranged pleasantly to remind you of your connection to the earth. Now, after unplugging the phone and getting your wine or tea, plant yourself into your nest and snuggle into a comfortable position. Engage in your favorite prayer or mantra. Relax, let go of all tension and focus your energy on your heart area.

Use your gift of imagination and creation and feel your heart energy as it expands. Visualize and with feeling, push love and heart energy outward. I visualize my heart like a spinning vortex of love. I "see" with my minds eye- vibrant colors expanding from my heart center. I not only use my mind's eye, but I feel the energy and propel it outwards through visualization as I feel it expand. A rush of divine love!

Now you are in the glow of the love light. While you surround yourself in the love, start your self-loving. Caress yourself, touch yourself and explore. Use your loving fantasies to become aroused, and bring pleasure to your body as you caress and remind yourself just how sacred and full of love you are. You are a sacred vessel of love. Become it. Share this ecstatic energy with the world. Become love; and now as a loving, sexually charged being, you will attract the same. You cannot be loved until you love yourself. An empty vessel has nothing to give. Fill yourself with love and then you are empowered and have the energy to give to your family, community and the universe.


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