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How to Create the Perfect Quickie
by Debora Myers
Too often I hear men and women both complaining that they just don't have time for sex. We all have so much to do that by the end of the day, once our weary heads hit the pillow, all we want is to be left alone. But this can become habit, a bad, bad habit!
Touching and communicating with our partners is so important. It helps us to reconnect with one another while at the same time connecting with our higher selves.
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We don't necessarily have to take the time to put on just the right lingerie, light the candles, and make a big affair out of wanting some sexual attention. Too often people complain that by the time they make it to the bedroom, their mate is snoring away. That's enough to deflate anyone's libido! So, here are a few tried and true suggestions:
Take care of your personal hygiene earlier in the day, before the family takes over and before you tire out. Then you can give yourself a quick swish before you hop into bed.
Set the alarm clock 45 minutes earlier and have a glass of water on the bedside table. Freshen your mouth when the alarm wakes you and play with your mate. If you're self-conscious about your appearance.then do it spoon style, with your back to his front, or roll over to your tummy and let him .get you in the doggie position. Remember that his testosterone levels are at their highest point early in the morning! If you're groggy, use a little lover's lube and self-stimuli to help you to get going.
Be spontaneous. Yes spontaneity is the spice of life. Get him right where he is, in the office, the lazy boy, or at the kitchen table or the hammock. Don't forget the shower! You are both naked already, warm, slippery and wet, a very sensual experience.
The element of danger or getting caught turns many people on. If you're out on a date, give him a hand job or fellatio in the car. (While the car is parked. I know a guy that had a 'head on' collision while receiving fellatio! A big OOPS!)
Don't think you have to enjoy the full course. Mutual masturbation is exciting and doesn't require much warming up time because we know how to get ourselves off quickly. Sometimes a little goes a long way. And by keeping our motors revved up we keep our libidos and subsequent life energy going and our connections to our mates strong and in tact.
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