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Menses and Sexuality
By Ladyfire Editor Debora Myers
The phases of the moon affect the ebb and flow of the tides on mother earth. The moon also affects our tides as well. The gravitational pull of the moon effects all bodies of water, including our own complex body systems primarily made up of water. Most commonly, women tend to ovulate around the time of the new moon and begin menstruating at the full moon. Many cultures throughout time have referred to a woman's menses as her "moon time." From ancient times people recognized the connection of the moons cyclic nature with the cyclic nature of women's menstrual cycles. Mensa was the Roman goddess of measurement, numbers, calendars and record keeping. Many creation myths follow the familiar theme that said man was made from the combination of earth and the moon, which was the source of menstrual blood. The Greeks, Hindus, Romans, Nordic, Celtic, Egyptian, Arabic, Chinese, and aboriginal Australians all had creation myths recognizing the mysterious and sacred nature of the moon's cycle and menstrual blood-flow.
In Heat
Most cultures around the world recognize the strong intuitive and sexual powers that accompany a woman during the luteal phase of a woman's menstrual cycle. The luteal phase is the time from ovulation until the onset of menstruation. Generally women are thought to be more in tune with their intuition and more in tune with their feelings while ovulating. Studies have also shown that women remember their dreams more frequently and that they dream more vividly during ovulation and menstruation. Ovulation is the time to start new projects this being our creative time. Ovulation is also the time when we experience a sense of intensified desire. This is our time of "heat." Nature has an ingenious way of attracting a prospective mate to us. Hormones are secreted into the air by our bodies that tell others around us that are bodies are ripe and ready for fertilization. Many of us feel at our peak during this time projecting vivacious, sexy vibes while we exude our heated pheromones. If one is experiencing energy low at this time it may be wise to look carefully at your lifestyle. Are you taking care of yourself? If not it is time to reprioritize, putting you higher on the list of things to take care of. If you are not healthy you cannot possibly take care of the other things that are important to you.
In today's so-called modern world women push themselves over the max. By overburdening our minds and bodies attempting to be everything to everyone we lose touch with our cyclic natures, therefore becoming exhausted, out of touch and confused. Premenstrual syndrome is reported mostly in highly industrialized countries where women are not in touch with the earth cycles and therefore not in touch with their cyclic natures. In more agricultural and hunter gatherer communities women that follow the natural cycles of the earth, tend to be more attuned to their cycles, resting when needed …instead of attempting to be super-human-wonder- women. In parts of India it is an accepted practice for women to slow down and rest more during their periods. In some Native American societies women spent their "moon" in a special lodge where she rested away from her everyday duties. This was done to protect her and also because of taboos associated with her bleeding. Women were seen as more powerful at this time and therefore men feared that she could overpower and taint their own psychic energies and powers.
We are so interwoven with the outer elements surrounding us that we find it difficult to find time to pay attention to the problems we have buried deep inside of ourselves. While we are physically bleeding out the old, we can find that this time is appropriate for the cleansing of the spirit as well. With inner reflection we can dig to the depths required to work out problems and issues that get pushed down to the bottom of our souls. It is very helpful if we can tune into our bodies to release negative energy and cleanse our spirits, readying ourselves for another productive cycle.
Sex and Bleeding
Multiple orgasms are easier to reach for many women that have mild menstrual periods. Many women report a feeling of being totally open, full and in their power while menstruating. We know that we are extra sensitive during our menses. The stereotype of women being cranky and short tempered at this time is one reason we have been indoctrinated to avoid sexual intercourse while bleeding. Realize that sensitivity can work both ways. While speaking with women on the subject I have found that women that are comfortable with their bodies and bodily functions are more apt to enjoy a heightened sexual experience during their menses. Some of the ancient myths and traditions viewing the menstruating woman as "unclean…" have followed us throughout the generations and have perpetuated a subconscious fear for the menstruating woman. Semi-modern terminology such as "on the Rag" or "She's got the curse" show societies ignorance and repugnant attitude toward the bleeding woman. Menstruation was viewed as holy and sacred in matriarchal theologies. As the patriarchal religions came into power they showed a hysterical fear of menstruating women and of menstrual blood.
Myths from the early patriarchal religions perpetuated fear and distrust to the extent that from some cultures a man would lose his strength, vitality, wisdom, sight, and could even die from coming in contact with a bleeding woman. What wimps! Little did they know what they were missing. But my guess is that many women are so intensely sexual at this time that they outlasted their men in the bedroom, making the men feel belittled and weak in their virility.
The blood itself turns some people off. Most women bleed heavily the first three days accompanied by stronger menstrual cramping with light spotting toward the end of her menstrual cycle. These last two or three days of her cycle can be an exciting time for enjoying sexual intercourse. Subconsciously she knows that her chance of becoming pregnant at this time is unlikely, therefore allowing her to not worry about an unwanted pregnancy. (Reality shows us that one can become pregnant during her period, our bodies being unpredictable at times; so always make sure you are using some form of birth control if you do not want another pregnancy. Also remember to avoid sexual activities while bleeding if you are high risk for transmitting HIV or hepatitis.
The main point I'm trying to get across in this article is to honor your body and your inner self! Women are wonderful beings that have been put down for far too long! We must take back our power! We must demand that our men respect, love and cherish us. If we do not stand up for ourselves and each other the more aggressive (generally speaking) men will walk all over us, taking advantage of our nurturing, peaceful, creative natures. We must work together to overcome the negative attitudes that have squashed us for generations. With steadfast love, strength of spirit and most importantly by loving ourselves we can overcome oppression and fear based myths that have degraded women for too long.
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