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Love Making Magic III
Reaffirming Passion with Your Mate
By Debora Myers
Ok, now you're feeling better and more energized because you've been taking better care of yourself. No more guilt trips, no more over-doing it…but your mate isn't following your lead and has been a stickler to be around. At home I'd use another adjective but will refrain from my earthier descriptions in consideration of our more ladylike sisters. He's grumpy and short-tempered and the last person you'd want to be intimate with. That does pose a problem. How do you get him to mellow out and be responsive to your passionate longings? He isn't going to be the initiator of love when he's grumpy and stressed. You will have to be the dominant one. If dominant makes you feel uneasy how about the "leader."

Follow the Leader-
Let's face it. Were just thinking creatures that mimic one another. Look at fashion, religion, the way we speak…everything we do is a mimic of another, only from different angles.

Take the lead. Nurture him with kind words and take the extra time to be thoughtful. Soften him up. It may take a day or two…

Surprise him in the shower. While he's in the hot water, all relaxed and warm, slip in with him and scrub his back. Rub him down good with your soapy hands, and rub your body against his. Tell him how beautiful he is and that you love looking at him. Everyone loves to hear that!

After he's clean, and you've sufficiently teased him, dry him off with the towel. Make sure to rub him down vigorously all over, it will help to stimulate his circulation and will feel really good to him. Don't forget to dry between his toes and his jewels (being gentler with those of course, you want him to feel treasured)…. Make sure you are totally naked while doing this, as you are rubbing him down you will be jiggling in all the right spots and guys being guys, well they like to see you jiggle. His mood should be improving by now…

Take him into the bedroom and gently push him to the bed and lock the door. Turn on the clock radio if necessary (so he won't be inhibited by the kids hearing him moan…) Continue telling him how much you love him and how wonderful he is as you go down on him. Now, shy little or big sis, whatever, do not be inhibited by the next set of instructions. He will love it, so get over being embarrassed and just know that he's going to be de-grumped by the time you're finished with him.

Make sure his head is propped with the pillows -- he needs to have a good view. Straddle him so that you are facing his feet, with your rear and flower right in his face! The 69 position, but don't quite let him get to your flower yet. You just want him to watch. He's going to want you - sooooooooooooooo badly by the time you've followed these sextructions. Position yourself so that he can see your lovely flower but also so that he can get a view underneath you to watch your breasts moving and so he can watch as you give him head. Make sure to let your breasts touch him once in a while…

Now, focus your attention on his genitals and thighs. Lick him all over and then give him head. Spend most of your time teasing his helmet, but once in a while take his entire shaft, (or as much as you possibly can) but just enough to make him crazy. You want to tease him for quite a while. Don't let him touch you at this point. You want to torture him. Smack his hands if he tries to grab, stroke or finger you. (He's gonna try, so make sure to tell him that he has to wait. That you want him to focus entirely on the show and his pleasure.) You can also touch yourself enticingly, show him a little more…but don't bring him to the exploding point yet. You want him to connect with you and your heart, not your rear-view.

Give him at the very least 2o or so minutes of this or until your back…gives out. Then turn to face him, straddle him again and rub your yoni against his shaft until he starts to beg, than plunge down on top of him. If you start the motion immediately he most likely will explode, depending on how long you gave him head. You also want to make a deeper connection and can do so by just looking passionately into his eyes as he is inside you. Kiss him on the mouth, tease his lips with your tongue and don't let him thrust. Just clamp down on him with your body weight and pin him down.

Then, before you get tired, or a backache, or whatever, love him for all you're worth! You should be so excited by now that you come immediately too. But this one was really for him. Sometimes we need to give, in order to get. Don't just wait around for him to give you the treatment. While your laying together and he is telling you how great that was, how much he loves you…you can suggest he show you next time!

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