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Art of Loving™ is your resource for advice on love and relationships. Article topics include: loving, relationship issues, dating, personal ads, romance, passion, sex, intimacy, sensuality, divorce, family matters, body and soul, awareness, fear resolution, priorities and more.
For singles and couples, whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual, The Art of Loving™ is for everyone. It can change your life forever. Learn the skills you need to create love, intimacy and commitment in your life.

An Astrological Guide To Discovering The Mysteries of Love
by Linda Goodman


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Sunday June 10, 2007
4:15pm EST - 1:15pm PST

Art of Loving Creator & Editor Paul Mauchline appears on Single Talk: Life, Love and Dating with Hosts Michele Economou & Aliza Silverman on World Talk Radio

Subject: Relationship Choices: Do We Have The Right Knowledge?

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Past Appearances on World Talk Radio:

November 12, 2006 - The Dating Game

August 24, 2006 - Infidelity

July 24, 2006 - Letting Go Of A Relationship

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The Kama Sutra

Making love is meditation.
It is sacred, it is the holiest of holies.

Kama Sutra Positions
By our viewers request.

New Kamasutra Illustrations

The Blow Job Tug O' War
It's that awkward moment during a sexual encounter. He is pushing her head down toward his crotch. She is trying to pull her head away. They are caught in "the blow job tug o' war."
—By Maya Lambrou

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Love=Life Fear=No Life
"What I have learned about love"
by Paul Mauchline

RELATIONSHIPS:   Featured Article:
What is codependency / codependence?

The Art of Loving welcomes the contribution of author, & therapist
Robert Burney.
What is codependency / codependence ?
This dance of Codependence is a dance of dysfunctional relationships.
—By Robert Burney

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great books
" Compassion Is The Key To Happiness "

His Holiness The XIVth Dalai Lama

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Change your life forever by exploring the passion and commitment to love. Enhance the skills you need to create love and intimacy in your life. Elevate yourself and your relationships to a higher level of understanding and success. Renew the Love of Mind, Body, and Spirit
The Art of Loving Returns To Toronto, Canada -- Canadian International love & relationship writer & lecturer, Paul Mauchline moves his Art of Loving Workshop to Toronto, Canada.

Individual, and couples consultation available from our Yorkville office in Toronto.

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The Fear Of Dating
So many of us dread being single again: we fear getting back into the dating scene. Dating and meeting new people should be a fun experience -- not a fearful one.

By Paul Mauchline


Workshops on The Art of Sensuality: Featured Article
Want more passion, awe, and enjoyment in your daily life? Learn the fundamentals of experiencing life more fully through awareness, presence, and the exploration of your senses. Who says learning can't be FUN?
By Leslie Karen Lobell, M.A.
HEART & SOUL: Featured Article
Interview With God
I encourage you to view this awesome presentation!!
Breathtaking photography, blended with tranquil music,
and a message of love, that will renew your spirit.


FAMILY:  Featured Articles
The Women's Home-Based Business Book of Answers
by Maria T. Bailey
Women are starting home-based businesses in record numbers. The appeal of increased freedom, financial independence, and an opportunity to work from home makes the option of starting a home-based business an attractive one. But with this transition come questions, doubts, and concerns.
The Art of Loving congratulates our Family Section contributor Maria Bailey of , on her new book.

Make Love Not War!
Teach our children to love one another.
By Editor Debora Myers


May Message From The Editor

"The Power of Compassion"
International Writer & Lecturer
Paul Mauchline

The Art Of Loving Has Now Moved To
Toronto, Canada

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